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Lesson 1:


Maranhão is a unique destination that is suitable for all travel tastes.

It brings together a diverse ecosystem, across tropical beaches, Amazonian rainforest, savannahs, mangroves and open sea deltas. It is the only desert on the planet that hosts thousands of crystalline lagoons. It promotes adventure and eco-tourism, alongside lush scenery and diverse culture which enchant even the most discerning travellers. No wonder it’s being discovered and appreciated by people from all over the world.

In its capital, São Luís, you can clearly see French, Portuguese and Dutch influences. The city’s historic centre, which was listed in 1997 as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, brings together approximately five thousand buildings dating from the 17th to 19th centuries. Located on an island surrounded by small beaches, São Luís sets the stage for diverse cultural events such as Bumba-Meu-Boi, Tambor-De-Crioula, São João and Divine Holy Spirit festivals, as well as its famous Carnival.

Another highlight is the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park – a true natural paradise made up of 155 thousand hectares of dunes shaped by the wind, dotted with crystal lakes. The lakes, formed through rainwater accumulation, provide opportunities to take a delicious dip amongst scenery that never fails to enchant its visitors.

But it doesn’t just stop there. The Chapada das Mesas National Park brings together a dazzling array of fascinating rock formations, canyons, caves and waterfalls. Some countless surprises and adventures can be found and enjoyed across the region.

Maranhão represents a whole range of places that are begging to be seen, lived and experienced at least once in a lifetime.