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Welcome to the Introduction to Brazil knowledge course!

The information that we have collated for this course has been designed to give you a broad overview of Brazil.

Join us and discover what Brazil has to offer, either for business or leisure (the pleasure is a given)!

This course is offered by VBRATA – Visit Brazil Travel Association, a not-for-profit travel organisation with members dedicated to promoting Brazil as a tourist, cultural and business destination to both the travelling public and the travel trade.

What follows is a quick course on Brazil, a teasing taster, to whet your appetite, as to what you might discover and uncover by travelling to and around Brazil. But in this course, we only scratch the surface, and our VBRATA members, including airlines and tour operators specialised in Brazil, will be able to tell and show you so much more.

When it comes to getting good sound advice on travelling to and around Brazil, contact a VBRATA member. They are the real experts on everything Brazilian!

All Brazilians look forward to welcoming you and your client with open arms, just like the statue of Christ the Redeemer looking down on Rio de Janeiro.

So let’s get down to the basics and introduce you to Brazil!

Obrigado - Thank you!

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