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Introduction to South America Online Training!

Home to unrivalled diversity, South America is a melting pot of cultures!

The countries that make up South America are as distinct from one another as the region is from other parts of the world. So, what unites them? In addition to the geographical proximity and the Spanish language (with a few exceptions), perhaps it’s the culture, the climate, and the more relaxed outlook on life than European counterparts.

There are a number of familiarities that unite them but, at the same time, many aspects that make them unique thanks to their historical context. This is, ultimately, the charm of South America. 

With that in mind, we have prepared a short overview of South American tourism, culture and gastronomy.

This introduction to South America course is offered by partnership between three organisations, VBRATA – Visit Brazil Travel Association, VSATA - Visit South America Travel Association, also known as “United South America Travel Association” and Bossa Latinos, a bilingual publication specialised in the promotion of South America in the United Kingdom and Europe!

Join us in this trip around South America and enjoy the ride!

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