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Over the following pages, we will cover the most important themes that characterise the state of Pernambuco to help you understand this fantastic Brazilian destination.

Our aim is to make you, a travel professional, fall in love with this region. A passion for the destination will - when it comes to serving customers and convincing them to visit Pernambuco - make it a real pleasure!

Pernambuco, located in the Northeast of Brazil, is one of the region's most complete and attractive states.

One of the first areas occupied by the Portuguese in Brazil, the state has become a major sugar producer, and for many years it was responsible for more than half of all Brazilian exports.

The focus of this training course is on Recife (the capital city of Pernambuco and the “Venice of Brazil”), Olinda (UNESCO World Heritage, a historical and cultural city), Porto de Galinhas (ideal for families and honeymooners with world-class resorts and stunning beaches) and Fernando de Noronha (an archipelago, UNESCO Natural World Heritage).

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