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Welcome to the “Introduction to the Northeast Region of Brazil” online training!

Welcome to the online training “Introduction to the Northeast Region of Brazil”!

This course is offered to you by Visit Brazil Travel Association (VBRATA), a British/European based travel trade association with members specialised in Brazil, offers this training course for travel agents and tour operators interested in learning more about Brazilian destinations.

Just for its natural beauty alone, Brazil’s Northeast region is one of the world's most incredible tourist destinations.

Beyond its natural wonders, the Northeast region stands out for its cultural richness, which is evident in its folklore, born from the mixing of European, African and Indigenous cultures.

A land of sun, happiness, hospitality, opportunities to kick-back, and investment-making, the Northeast has something for everybody, whether visiting on holiday or for business purposes.

By taking part, you will gain an overview of this enchanting region of Brazil… although the best thing would be to visit it yourself, seek out its attractions and meet its welcoming people!

Enjoy the course!


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