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Italy is more than the land celebrated for its heritage and the arts. Italy today is a country celebrated for its style, design, food and wines, which are available everywhere in the world to everyone’s delight.

Still, only a trip to Italy can bring to life the country’s true colours and emotions. Italy will surprise you with thousands of unexpected experiences in all that this unique country has to offer: the art, the art of living, the art of hospitality.

Italy has something special to offer its visitors every day regardless of the time of year. From the natural wonders of the spectacular islands, the volcanoes and snowfields of the Alpine mountains or the countryside to Italy’s great art cities of Rome, Florence, Venice, there is a never-ending succession of lights and colours to be experienced!

Spring and autumn are great times of the year for travellers wanting to enjoy the art cities at a slower pace. The Gulf of Naples and Sorrento, the Aeolian Islands and the other islands in the south are filled with many different wonderful destinations to visit during these two periods of the year. Autumn is particularly enjoyable in the Dolomites, in the spectacular lake districts of Lombardy and Veneto, or nearby Rome and Apulia.

From June to September, Italy is transformed into an international playground with visitors from all over the world mingling with vacationing Italians. In summer you can visit numerous beach resorts all along the Liguria and the Adriatic Rivieras, the magnificent beaches on the Thyrrenian, Adriatic and Ionian shores and of course Sardinia and Sicily.

In winter, the Italian Alps are unequalled for scenery and skiing. Northern Italy has some of the world’s most famous winter sports resorts that can be easily reached from Turin, the capital of the Piedmont region as well as from Milan and from Venice. Skiing is also a summer sport in the mountains of Piedmont and the Aosta Valley.

Italy’s three thousand year history often makes it difficult for travellers to choose among the nation’s endless cultural attractions. Ancient monuments and archaeological sites are perfectly preserved, museums are bursting with the genius of Italy’s finest sons: Raffaello, Michelangelo, Tiziano, Leonardo Da Vinci, Canova; contemporary architects are still inspired by ancient buildings and squares. Italian cities are open-air museums.

All of this can be fully experienced only in Italy – a country rich in breathtaking beautiful contrasts that fill your eyes and touch your soul. Welcome to Italy, a country that has mastered the art of sharing its colours and emotions through the centuries.

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