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Lesson 11:


Every year millions of tourists come from around the world to admire the treasures and masterpieces of Roman art and architecture. The beauties of Rome sprawl across its landscape and are a compelling blend of different styles. In such extraordinary beauty, Rome’s ancient heart stands out. Here you’ll find the great icons of the city’s past: the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Forums and the Campidoglio, the historic home of the Capitoline Museums. 

St Peter’s Square and Basilica are just two of the Renaissance masterpieces: churches, villas, gloriously ornate fountains and statues greet you at every twist and turn of the city’s streets. The most iconic example is the Trevi Fountain. Dominating the small cobbled avenue in which it sits, this fountain is an outrageous example of over-the-top Baroque sculpture, and is immediately recognisable from its appearance in classic films such as La Dolce Vita, by Federico Fellini, with the famous scene in which Anita Ekberg bathes in its waters. 

When you enter Rome’s churches, cathedrals, museums, and galleries, you’ll find awe-inspiring paintings and sculptures that cover all the eras and great names of Western art. These range from Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling to frescoes by Raphael and paintings by Caravaggio, to the glorious fountains of Bernini.

A trip to Rome, though, encompasses much more than a stroll through art and architecture. Sipping a coffee in street cafes, or enjoying your aperitif while you take in the spectacular views from terraces and piazzas are just as much a part of the experience in this most romantic of cities.

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